XGAMES is considered one of the largest and most respected sporting events on the calendar.
From Snowboarding to Rallycross, XGAMES features a variety of EXTREME sports that reach over 17 million viewers across the globe.
Taking place on the streets of Downtown LA the city comes to life with the sound of roaring Rallycross Supercars tearing up the Tarmac.  Liam will be contesting the World Xgames Tour in 2013.


From the pinicle of the sports leagues, the Global Rallycross Championship, to the recently overhauled World Championship, Rallycross is a sport of fast and furious extreme action where races are won and lost in the space of 3 minutes!
On both tarmac and gravel and reaching 0-60mph in just 1.9 seconds these cars are some of the most fearsome in the world.

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Global Rallycross ChampionshipGlobal Rallycross Championship