Doran Takes the WIN

Monster Energy athlete Liam Doran took his fourth career win at Round 2 of the FIA European Rallycross Championship in Montelegre, Portugal. It was not an easy victory for the Monster Energy driver, making this win all the more worth it.

“To win today is amazing. I really wasn’t expecting it after all the problems we’ve had this weekend. I drove my heart out. Going out and getting a win makes all the hard work worth it.” Said Doran, “This feeling is why we go racing.”

On day one after going out late to open practice, Doran was experiencing problems with the clutch causing the LD Motorsports team to take out the gearbox. This in turn led to Doran missing Heat 1.  Doran made it to the line for Heat 2, with the snow that had been falling in the afternoon Heat 2 was declared a wet race and Doran showed what the car could do taking the win.

Going into day two Doran had high hopes after his heat win the previous day. On his way out to open practice Doran discovered he was having clutch problems yet again, meaning no practice on day two.  Doran made it to Heat 3 finishing second and secured another seconds place finish in Heat 4. Even after a missed heat race Doran qualified in 6th for the semi-final. Doran sat on the starting grid alongside Timur Timerzyanov, Alexander Hvaal, Peter Hedstrom, Stig-Olav Walfridson and teammate Andreas Bakkerud. Doran finished in second position behind the reigning champ Timur Timerzyanov taking him to the final.

Doran started the final on the second row of the gird. The 5 second board was up and Petter Solberg left the line before the lights went green causing a restart. With the new rules of jump starts this meant Solberg would now have to complete two joker laps. Doran jokered on the first lap, allowing him to out run everyone to the first turn, winning the Monster Energy Supercharge award.  Doran drove a great effort to catch back up to the pack, and from here he drove fast and smooth waiting for each car in front of him to joker so he could over take. Timersyanov spun off with a puncture and Liam found himself in third place behind Mats Lysen in second and Solberg in first. Lysen jokered on the fourth lap coming out behind Doran. After Solberg’s first joker on the fifth time around, Liam was close behind, and when Solberg did his second penalty joker on the last lap Liam was able to take the lead and cross the finish line first to take the Round 2 race win.

Final Results 1Liam Doran, 2 Mats Lysen, 3 Petter Solberg, 4 Alexander Hvaal, 5 Davy Jeanney, 6 Timur Timerzyanov

Doran is currently 6th in points after Round 2 FIA European Rallycross Champioinship

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