Doran victory ends European season

Monster Energy athlete Liam Doran won the final round of the FIA European Rallycross Championship
in Germany on Sunday, snatching second place in the championship away from American racer
Tanner Foust in the process. Run on the Estering near Hamburg, the German event was another made
arduous by mixed weather conditions but, with confidence, high Doran ran in the top four all weekend
and peaked at just the right moment.

"The team spirit was raised last weekend when we got second in Finland. I wasn't happy because I
really felt that we could have won there but the conditions were terrible and everyone in the team had
worked so hard for that result that I could feel things were working better, with that I felt confident
coming to Germany and I liked the track when we here a couple of years ago," said Doran. "The event
started well and I set the fastest lap in timed practice and when it rained in the first heat we had the
fastest car on the track but then the conditions changed and we had that crazy challenge of a drying
track. We had to work all day Sunday to get a dry setup in the car. The heats weren't bad even if we
didn't really set the world alight, the pressure was on in the final and that helped me because I knew
the win was there."

The A final needed two starts, the first halted when Pavel Koutny's Fiesta rolled over the Skoda Fabia of
front row starter Peter Hedström. In the restart Doran made a perfect start, dived between pole qualifier
Davy Jeanney and Hedström and grabbed the lead going into the first corner. From there on, Doran
controlled the race, dropping briefly to second when he took his turn in the Joker Lap section, but then re-
passing Jeanney on the race track to take the win by just over two-seconds.

"I have had a lot of bad luck this year and events that we could have won didn't quite happen for me. I can
look back now and think that with a little better luck I could have been challenging for the title in the last
round," said Doran, "This is the first year of my new team, I put the whole team together this year and
we've come here with a completely new car and we've had to work very hard to develop everything
so second place in the championship and the win today is a great achievement. Now we are in a great
place to end the year and build for the future, of course I'd have liked more wins and to have been
champion, but now I can see that probably wasn't a realistic aim against the opposition we had.
Timerzyanov has commanded the championship in a way that no-one has done for a long time, but
it's not going to be so easy for him next year."

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Result of A final (six laps) 1 Liam Doran (Citroën DS3) 4,01.32s; 2 Davy Jeanney (Citroën C4) +2.3s; 3 Stig-Olov Walfridson (Renault Clio III) + 3.3s; 4 Morten Bermingrud (Citroën C4) +0.6s; 5 Andy Scott (Ford Focus II) 5 laps; 6 Michael De Keersmaecker (Ford Focus II) 4 laps; 7 Peter Hedström (Skoda Fabia II) 0 laps; 8 Pavel Koutny (Ford Fiesta VII) DNS.

Final championship positions: 1 Timur Timerzyanov (Citroën DS3) 148; 2 Doran 104; 3 Tanner Foust (Ford Fiesta VII) 100; 4 Jeanney 100; 5 De Keersmaecker 85; 6 Mats Lysen (Renault Clio III) 83

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