Doran beats fire and rain for second in Finland

Liam Doran moved from sixth to third in the European Rallycross Championship after surviving trial by
fire and water to take second place in the ninth round of the series at Kouvola in Finland.

Second place equals Doran's best finish so far this year, but the result came in another challenging
event. "It started very badly when the car caught fire in practice and it looked like it was going to be
another tough weekend but we got everything fixed for timed practice and I got third fastest time there
which I was happy with because I've been struggling to get good results early in the events," said
Doran, understating the incident in which power steering fluid leaked onto the engine and caused a fire
that briefly engulfed the front of the car.

The damage repaired, Doran was third fastest in timed practice and then second to Tanner Foust in the
first qualifying heat on Saturday afternoon.

Rain had been forecast and conditions were transformed on Sunday when it rained all day. "I felt very
relaxed because I know the car works well in the wet and rain doesn't bother me whereas I know it's
really a problem for Foust," said Doran, "I got second fastest times in both Sunday heats and was
second again in the final. Okay, second is second and it's not a win but everyone in the team is happy
with what we've done here.

"I didn't get a very good start in the final and I was fifth in the first corner, I was expecting to get
hacked out of the track and don't even know what happened, but somehow I got out of the corner in
third place and then passed Peter Hedström going over the jump to get second place. Once I got out
of the traffic I drove well but Timerzyanov had too much of a gap; that fighting in the first corner didn't
affect him and he got a clear break that none of us could get back.

"Then it was a question of looking after myself, Timerzyanov has won the championship so beating
him made no difference to me but I knew that De Keersmaecker, Jeanney and Foust who I am battling
with for places were behind me and my engineer on the radio was telling me I had a gap behind me
and just to bring the car home, so I chilled and made sure I got to the end and took the points; in these
kind of conditions it would have been easy to go off and not finish by pushing too hard.

"I'm not really happy with second because I feel we could have won, I was faster than Timerzyanov all
day but when he got a clean run in the first corner it was all over; the level in this championship right
now is so high and the leading drivers are so closely matched that there is no way you can get back
that kind of time," said Doran who goes into the final round of the championship in Germany this
weekend holding third place and with a chance to snatch second.

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Finland, September 21-23
1 Timur Timerzyanov (Citroën DS3) 4m26.019s; 2 Liam Doran (Citroën DS3) +3.4s; 3 Peter Hedström (Skoda
Fabia II) + 9.5s; 4 Mats Lysen (Renault Clio III) +2.2s; 5 Timmy Hansen (Citroën DS3) +0.1s; 6 Tanner Foust (Ford Fiesta VII) +0.7s; 7 Michael De Keersmaecker (Ford Focus II) 3 laps; 8 Davy Jeanney (Citroën C4) 0 laps.

Championship 1 Timerzyanov 148; 2 Foust 100; 3 Doran 84; 4= Jeanney & De Keersmaecker 83; 6 Alexander
Hvaal (Citroën C4) 82.

Next round: Buxtehude, Germany, September 28-30

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