LD Motorsports World RX Team complete British Rallycross Championship shakedown race

Following their signing for the LD Motorsports World RX Team last week, Derek Tohill and Krzysztof Skorupski headed to Lydden Hill in Kent, for round one of the British Rallycross championship on the 29/30 March. Focusing on a shakedown weekend, the British championship season opener was the first time both Tohill and Skorupski drove their LD Motorsport prepared Citroen DS3 Supercars outside of private testing.
Although the final result was marred by a scrappy final, which saw both drivers unfairly punted down the order, the lap times and overall consistency point towards positive steps for the season ahead, with both drivers posting competitive times and placing top three finishes in the heats.
LD Motorsports World RX Team principle Liam Doran said: “Both Krzysztof and Derek did a solid job under tough circumstances this weekend. Obviously it was a shame about the final result, but it’s important not to lose focus on what we have learned. Both Derek and Krzysztof got valuable seat time in race conditions, and the team did a very good job in worked through lots of small issues which can only really be picked up in the heat of competition. 
Derek Tohill secured positive results in the heats, adjusting well to driving a four-wheel drive turbo charged Supercar class vehicle, compared to the two-liter naturally aspirated Touring Car class vehicle that took him to two European titles.
“Even when you compare Saturday and Sunday just by looking at the video footage, it is a different ballgame,” said double European champion Tohill. “The two biggest things for me where to understand the different technique of driving a turbo-charged car, and to get my head around the difference balance of a Touring car compared to a Supercar car. 
“Working under high-pressure in a race environment you learn so much more than during testing. It forces you out of your comfort zone and I think that was beginning to show itself when we got second quickest time in the last heat. We were really beginning to head in the right direction, and it’s just unfortunate that we had the incident in the final.
“The fusion between my guys and LD Motorsports guys working together is really good. The team managed to iron out a lot of problems with the car. Although it was the first time at a race working with Krzysztof, we’ve always got on well, and had a good relationship. To have a team mate that you can bounce ideas off each other and push to go faster is very valuable, and I’m feeling really good about the coming season now.”
Super1600 graduate Krzysztof Skorupski enjoyed a positive first outing in the Supercar category, and like his team mate, posted blistering lap times in the heats.  The Polish driver romped to third place overall after the heats and finished the day strongly in the A- final.
“We had to learn a lot this weekend. Of course it was my first time driving a Supercar in a race, which was a huge thing for me. When you are stressed in competition everything seems much faster, and together with the Supercar performance, it is super fast! I focused getting several details right this weekend. I’ve got a good start procedure now, which I am feeling confident about, and I’m working on braking much later than I’m used to. 
In the end I think it was a positive result. In the final my lap times were not that far behind Julian [Godfrey’s]. We also got second in the official timed practice. The team did a great job as well - we were having some electrical problems in the car, which cost us a lot of time. Each time I am in the car, everything improves a step. I’m having to think less about the basics like clean gear changes and braking points, and I can focus more on what going on around me on track. All the team and mechanics are doing a great job, now I just can’t wait to be back in the car again.
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