Liam Doran races from Gatebil to Goodwood

With a weekend off from Rallycross, Monster Energy athlete Liam Doran headed to the infamous Gatebil festival in Norway, just a quick drive south of his race the previous weekend in Holjes, Sweden.

50,000 spectators took over the surrounding woods that weekend; All ready for the true Gatebil experience of fuelfilled hours of tyre-slaying, and insane amounts of horsepower showcased by cars flown in from all over the world. 

The track being one of the most famous in the motorsports world, Doran was ready to kick up some dust in a car that, after a change of engine, turned from Rallycross ride to 800 horsepower strong power-sliding machine. 

Roughly 50 cars could be seen on track at any time, drifting in and out of one another, whilst Monster Energy insured a good time with live music, good food, and of course plenty of drink.

"This is the craziest event I have ever been to; Aside from all the partying, the track is out of control! People can just rock up and get time on the track - It’s honestly the most fun I've ever had in my car," explained Liam.

After proudly claiming the award for "best race team", the Monster Energy LD Motorsports team had to cut short their stay to make it back to England to attend the world’s biggest Motorsport event, the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

A serious change of pace from Gatebil, the Goodwood FoS had no trouble matching the previous event’s impressive range of horsepower and machinery. Doran's Monster energy DS3 was sitting amongst some of the most elite cars in the world, attracting much attention, with Liam able to drive the hill at Goodwood later that day, a very special moment for the few drivers who’ve been able to do this throughout their careers.

Liam said: "I was really excited when I got invited to Goodwood, and to drive the hill, not a lot of people can say they have done that. It was really awesome to walk into the driver's club and see some of the most prestigious drivers out there. Doing two events back to back may be challenging and meant in this case I couldn’t be at either the whole time, but equally there is no way I would’ve wanted to miss either of them."


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