Liam Doran claims Gold and Silver at X Games Munich

On day three of the X Games Munich, the rain soaked re-run of the ill-fated Barcelona Rallycross event saw
26-year-old British driver Liam Doran taking Gold ahead of Monster Energy teammate Ken Block.
The race, featuring eight of the best GRC drivers on the planet, had Liam lining up on the front row after
winning his heats with ease. Tearing away from the start in his black and green Monster Energy Mini John
Cooper Works car, Liam soon found himself hot on the tail of leader Toomas Heikkinen, carefully biding his
time before pulling off a determined manoeuvre on the hairpin corner to come through the dirt and cross the
finish line in 1st position. Claiming his second Gold in two years, Liam is the only driver to ever win two X
Games Golds in Rallycross.
On Sunday, the X Games’ fourth and last day, a packed grandstand witnessed Liam Doran grab the silver
medal after his winning drive the day before.
The beating sun was a welcome change to Saturday’s soaking wet conditions and allowed for some of the
most aggressive driving in this year’s Rallycross so far.
Sailing through the qualifier, Liam and Monster Energy teammate Ken Block quickly separated from the rest
of the pack and after some heavy battling, Doran shot off to cross the finish line in 1st position.
The final saw Doran in first row, pulling off an incredible start by charging right in front from the outside and
leading the chasing pack around the first two corners. Some very heavy contact by Toomas “Topi”
Heikkinen to Liam’s right back wheel caused him into a possible race-ending spin, which he managed to
swiftly recover from to hold onto second position. Despite the damage sustained to the right side of the car,
Doran skilfully held onto his position, crossing the finish line in second position way ahead of the rest of the
Holding up this weekend’s gold as well as silver medal, Liam commented: “I feel we really proved a point
this weekend! The first time racing in the Monster Energy MINI John Cooper works, and taking home Silver
and Gold - I really didn’t expect two medals and am a very happy man. My team did a fantastic job and I’m
really grateful for all the support this weekend.”
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